Mothers for Life

“To parents all around the world: reach out, ask for help and support, and do not hesitate to speak out against those trying to take away your children as cannon fodder. We are here, and we are many. You are not alone.” The Mothers For Life (July 15, 2016)

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Mothers for Life seeks to bring together parents who have experienced radicalisation in their family, especially those who have had children travel to Syria or Iraq to join ISIS. The group operates globally, on a ‘by parents for parents’ platform, aiming to create a network of support for those affected by extremism. Through Mothers for Life, parents can access information, resources and specialised counselling services that work in the field of de/counter-radicalisation. Mothers for Life works with existing organisations around the world, connecting parents in areas without a strong Mothers for Life presence with these organisations to get access to support. 

In addition to operational support, the network seeks to foster dialogue and inspire counter-narratives to extremism. Group members have the opportunity to share their experiences with other parents, and also contribute to the Mothers for Life blog and produce videos and radio style media. In honour of Mother’s Day 2016, Mothers for Life published an open letter to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, as a follow up to the prior sharing of their stories with the public. The letter highlights the heartbreak and pain that ISIS has caused and challenges the group’s perversion of Islam as the foundation of the ideology behind the destruction of young lives and loving families. This counter-narrative shifts the blame onto the leaders of ISIS and humanises the consequences of extremist violence.

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