Entre Soeurs

A female-focused video campaign aimed at delegitimising narratives of Islamist extremism.

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This campaign, produced by a film production team and carried out by a non-profit organisation, featured testimonials from female returnees from ISIS about their experience with the terrorist organisation in Iraq and Syria. The primary objective was to deconstruct Islamist propaganda, particularly that coming from ISIS, using legitimate voices – those that had been part of the organisation and had left disillusioned. The campaign content touches upon various elements of life under ISIS, including its structure, the true objectives of its members, the manipulation employed to recruit new members, and its means of operation (i.e., terrorism). The desired outcome was to dissuade women that may be seduced by such propaganda from sympathising with the group or joining its ranks.

Around 15 videos were produced for the campaign, each featuring the testimonial of a female returnee or those close to one. Each video focused upon a specific aspect of life under ISIS, including social and sanitary circumstances, the behaviour of terrorists towards civilians, education, slavery and ideological manipulation – all to give a clear picture of the real ISIS and other Islamist groups like it.

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