Not Another Brother

A crowd-source funded video campaign showcasing the realities of involvement in extremist and terrorist groups.

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Not Another Brother was produced and launched in 2015 by Quilliam International, a counter-extremism think tank based in London. The campaign’s video, an emotionally charged story of a young man who only comes to realise his mistakes after it is too late, was produced entirely using crowd-sourced funding.

The video was disseminated primarily via Twitter, where a campaign-specific hashtag, #NotAnotherBrother, helped to amplify it. The campaign challenges aspects of extreme Islamist recruitment narratives by addressing the harsh realities of fighting abroad. The campaign’s call-to-action, asking people to share the video, proved simple but effective. As the video was supported through crowd-funding, it is a good example of utilising alternative funding options. The campaign also made good use of an accompanying hashtag, #NotAnotherBrother, which increased reach and engagement.


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