The Challenge

Hateful and divisive ideologies and groups have been hyper-charged in the digital era. Their rise poses a real threat to our societies. Not only does it fuel violence, it escalates mistrust, polarization and hate. We need to confront this, but the people whose voices are most needed and can be most impactful often go unheard. To help equip these messengers, we need to make the existing guidance, tools, resources and real-world examples easily available in one place.

Take on the Challenge

The Campaign Toolkit brings together guidance and a range of resources to support your work. It is a new and dynamic digital resource for educating, enabling, and empowering the next generation of activists and community organizations as they mobilize to promote community cohesion, inclusion and tolerance.

You do not need to be an expert

Nor do you need years of experience to use this tool. Whether you are a young person interested in activism, a manager at a company seeking to promote cohesion, an NGO working in the field, a city official or simply a concerned individual who wants to use their voice to challenge hate, division and polarization, this tool is for you. This set of problems is too big for any one actor to solve alone. It takes a whole community response to make the difference.

What can I find here?


Get inspired by other campaigns! The Inspiration section provides a series of global campaign examples that address different issues, focus on a range of audiences, use different media and span numerous geographies and languages.


Our library of resources provides guidance and "how-tos" in areas including ads and targeting, safety online, how to measure your campaign and more!

The Three-Step Tool

Have an idea for a campaign? Put fingertips to keyboard! Use our three-step process to develop a focused campaign that outcompetes hate through promoting cohesion, inclusion and tolerance. Join the movement!

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