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A campaign tackling antisemitism and far-right extremism by sharing stories of personal experience and engaging passive online audiences.

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This campaign was run by the Jüdisches Forum für Demokratie und gegen Antisemitismus (Jewish Forum for Democracy and Against antisemitism, JFDA), a charity focused on combating antisemitism and promoting democratic culture through educational, cultural and public relations efforts. For its Tacheles (straight talk) campaign, the JFDA disseminated video-interviews with prominent artists, musicians and activists about antisemitism, often with a focus on the interviewee’s personal experiences with it. Some of the themes discussed include discrimination faced growing up in Berlin, the prevalence of antisemitism in the music scene and schools, and how interviewees believed antisemitism could be challenged. The aim of this campaign was to sensitise young social media users to group-based hatred in general and antisemitic hate speech in particular. The videos attempted to foster empathy with those affected by discrimination and encourage engagement against antisemitism. The campaign also encouraged users to repost the shorter videos as responses in the comment sections of social media and other websites, thereby supporting counter-speech efforts online.

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