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A theatre group that brings Muslims and Jews together to challenge stereotypes through comedy and theatre.

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MUJU is a a grassroots-organisation providing Muslims and Jews with platforms for creative dialogue and social action through art. Through theatre, comedy sketches, videos and a podcast, the MUJU Crew is working online and offline to challenge and deconstruct the stereotypical representations of Muslims and Jews in mainstream-media narratives, explore Muslim and Jewish identities and promote relationships between members of the two faiths.

MUJU created three short comedy sketches of approximately 3 minutes for this campaign. In “Muslim and Jewish Friendship Fail”, a Muslim tries to show solidarity with his Jewish best friend after he becomes the victim of a hate crime. “Ahmed’s Audition” takes us into the audition of a Muslim actor who has to portray ISIS-member Jihadi John, and in “An Explosive Discovery”, two scientists being interviewed about their newest discovery are surprised to find out that their Jewish and Muslim identities are of greater interest to the host than their scientific work. 

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Key Takeaways:

  • Content & Platform: MUJU utilises a variety of mediums, both online and offline, to deliver messages through dialogue and narrative. What started as a theatre group grew to include a video series, active social media presence across multiple platforms and a podcast. Utilising different types of content provides an audience with options for how to engage with a campaign and enables wider reach. However, growth should always be sustainable and the message, tone and approach should remain consistent across the entire campaign.
  • Tone: By utilising comedy, MUJU is able to make complex and at times difficult issues more approachable for viewers. Humour, and especially satire, are valuable tools for breaking down some social barriers around sensitive and can create more space for presenting criticism implicitly through observation, rather than accusation.
  • Messenger: MUJU is especially effective because it incorporates performers from both Muslim and Jewish backgrounds to discuss issues that are important to both groups, highlight parallels and promote a message of togetherness. By bringing these two groups together, the campaign can engage with each audience in turn and as one, using credible messengers to unify viewers and create opportunities for a genuine connection through relatable characters and scenarios.

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