An on-the-ground initiative promoting wellbeing and cohesion through skill-sharing and dialogue.

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FURSA is a project by Search for Common Ground, a global organisation focused on social cohesion and conflict mediation. FURSA focuses on youth in refugee camps in Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey, specifically on their social and economic involvement. FURSA builds on their previous project, Better Together, which focused solely on increasing access to and skills in the arts. Training days were held in the refugee camps, where youth could attend technical and practical skill workshops focusing on theatre, photography, problem solving and dialogue. The aim of the training was to provide youth with basic skills to improve their economic and psychological wellbeing. Youth who had attended the FURSA trainings were then able to become trainers for younger members of the community. FURSA helps to fight extremism by providing at-risk youth with alternative forms of engagement other than turning to extremist groups and builds resilience to extremist narratives by providing them with skills and access to greater opportunities. 

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