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“There’s no glory in spilling the blood of the innocent… #KenyansAgainstViolentExtremism”

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The Epuka Ugaidi website hosts a wealth of information on all types of extremism. It focuses on Islamist groups, which are the most direct threat to Kenyan society, but includes commentary on other types of extremism. There are specific sections for counter-terrorism, radicalisation, recruitment, female involvement in extremist groups like Al-Shabaab. These sections are made up of blog posts and articles to help raise awareness of the ways in which extremist and terrorist groups operate. There are also specific articles for teachers and students. In addition to raising awareness, Epuka Ugaidi works to counter extremism through various social media and video campaigns such as the hashtag #KenyansAgainstViolentExtremism. The various campaigns also push narratives like “terrorism is not jihad”, “say no to radicalisation” and “there’s no glory in spilling the blood of the innocent…”. 

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