Kiffe la République

A campaign set on promoting youth engagement with French society through accessible videos.

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France Fraternités is a secular and republican organisation that fights to reinforce social cohesion and to promote solidarity throughout France. The organisation is also engaged in the fight against conspiracy theories, fake news and all forms of discrimination.

France Fraternités’ campaign “Kiffe la République!” (Like the Republic), aims to make republican values more accessible to youth, who may at times feel less connected with the French Republic than older generations do. The campaign was launched in April 2018 and is comprised of ten video clips that illustrate republican principles. These are short and simple in order to hold attention; carry a light-hearted message and refer to pop culture to captivate the target audience; and benefit from sleek production that makes them more likely to be viewed in their entirety.

The content produced during the campaign was put online and spread via social networking sites, including Facebook, where it was promoted. In addition to Facebook, the content was shared on YouTube and the website of France Fraternités.

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