Educate Against Hate

Addressing extremism through access to education and resources for youth, teachers, and parents.

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The Government of the United Kingdom’s Home Office and Department of Education created the Educate Against Hate website to act as a resource centre for students, teachers and parents. The goal of the website is to increase the awareness of the risks of extremism and radicalisation faced by youth in the UK, thus helping to create an informed and resilient society. The site is divided into three sections – one for each of the three target groups. Youth leaders can access information on topics such as Islamophobia and antisemitism, download debate and conversation outlines, and access government documents explaining the UK’s Prevent duty. There are similar resources available for teachers and parents, with downloadable curriculum and lesson plans, as well as guidelines on how parents can help keep their children safe from online harms. There are also helpful and well-designed Q&A sections which direct users to relevant resources. Importantly, all three sections contain advice and links to support services as well as information on how to report concerns or incidents of extremism. The youth section also informs students how to file complaints or voice their concerns about a member of staff working at their school. 

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