Radical Middle Way

“Powerful engagement comes through understanding. Our understanding comes from a network of exceptional Islamic scholars, activists and cultural figures…” -Radical Middle Way

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Radical Middle Way (RMW) is a grassroots British Muslim initiative comprised of mainstream Islamic scholars and civil society activists. Through online and offline activities, RMW connects young British Muslims with authentic Muslim scholarship and offers a safe space for young people to seek guidance and engage in open debate, while promoting cohesive communities and civic responsibility. RMW is active within Muslim communities in the UK and abroad, with engagement activities in Mali, Pakistan, Sudan and Indonesia.

Online, RMW hosts important Islamic scholarship, produces and promotes a range of audio-visual content, and leverages social media to expand their impact. Offline, RMW has organised over 170 different events ranging from panel debates to pop culture events like the Dangerous Ideas Tour, which featured hip-hop artists and spoken word poetry. These on and offline efforts combine social activism with popular culture in order to maximise reach among young people. RMW aims to offer positive alternatives and give their audience chances to get more involved in their community, as well as to counter the narratives of Islamist extremists.

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