Sesame Workshop and the IRC

An on and offline campaign helping refugee children access much needed support and education.

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The International Rescue Committee(IRC) collaborated with the Sesame Workshop to run this campaign aimed at raising awareness about the refugee crisis and bettering the lives of refugee children. Sesame Workshop is the not for profit, education organisation that helps create the popular children’s programme, Sesame Street. Together, the IRC and Sesame Street worked on the ground to develop a grassroots driven education programme for young children living in refugee camps around the Middle East. This process ensured that the programmes were tailored to fit the needs of their target audience – refugee children and their families. The programme was not only aimed at education, but also at helping children to address their emotional and psychological wellbeing. This was done by including the Sesame Street Muppets, who helped children to relax and have fun while learning and processing their emotions. The campaign’s website features videos that can also be found on YouTube – these feature the Muppets and human celebrities interacting with children. These videos help spread awareness and also help to humanize refugee children, by telling their stories. 

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