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An initiative that distributes information to improve the general public’s understanding of extremist narratives and better equip them to challenge such narratives.

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“Mots pour Maux” (Words for Bad) is a short lexicon gathering terms related to extremism, developed by experts and designed as an interactive e-magazine by the American Jewish Committee in Paris. The goal of this campaign was to improve French society’s understanding of all forms of extremism by defining 25 key concepts that are central to the fight for democratic values and widely used in the media, but that are sometimes misused or misunderstood. This was an attempt to draw the attention of and build interest among well-informed but often passive moderate voices by giving them access to information on social issues via an innovative type of media based on rigorous expertise.

The e-magazine included a large number of texts and definitions, and channelling this content into engaging Facebook posts while staying faithful to the nature and objectives of this informational campaign proved to be a significant challenge. The campaign mainly consisted of boosted posts that leveraged content from the website based on what was happening in the news as well as the interests of the target audience. For instance, following a terror attack, posts would focus on terrorism. Around the time of elections, posts dealing with populism would be put forward. Additional posts were also produced to engage more specific audiences that were involved in public debates about the definitions of certain terms.

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