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“Life After Hate is dedicated to inspiring individuals to a place of compassion and forgiveness, for themselves and for all people”

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Founded in 2011, Life After Hate is a programme aimed at individuals involved in far-right extremism who are looking for a way out. Life After Hate goes beyond offering support for disengagement from these groups and actively searches for individuals who are willing to speak out against far-right extremism. They seek to counter extremist narratives by amplifying the voices of formers and by ‘inspiring individuals to a place of compassion and forgiveness, for themselves and for all people’. 

Operating under the slogan, ‘no judgement, just help’, Life After Hate have reached more than 150 men and women, run a network of over 50 formers, and have over 30,000 supporters. Their website includes an assessment tool and “exit” programme, which is based on a step-by-step approach for fighting drug addiction. In addition, the website provides sections where users can request speakers for events, access videos and podcasts, and engage with Life After Hate’s blog. Life After Hate also has an active social media presence, for example through their Twitter campaign, #wecounterhate.

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Life After Hate Key Takeaways:
  • Messenger: Life After Hate appeals directly to people who are involved with far-right ideologies by leveraging the experiences of former far-right extremists. These individuals have more credibility amongst some members of their audience and their first-hand knowledge of the ideologies and movements helps inform the approach and messages of the campaign. If you are planning a campaign that takes on extremist content directly or hopes to appeal to those who may be involved with extremism already, working with formers can help you resonate better with your audience.
  • Calls to Action: Life After Hate offers a number of different ways to get involved. Audiences can support the campaign directly though volunteering or donations, work with them as a partner or contributor, or engage more passively by following their updates and sharing content from their social media, website, blog or newsletter. Each option has its own clear call to action and each has the chance to appeal to a different segment of their target audience. By offering different options for involvement that require different levels of time/effort, you can create more chances for someone to engage with your campaign.
  • Content: Life After Hate effectively uses personal stories from people whose lives have been affected by far-right extremism to draw attention to its consequences. Personal stories are a good way to connect with your audience and create a humanising narrative. Just be sure to consider all of the risks involved of exposing potentially vulnerable individuals and take steps to protect them and your campaign.

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