Institute for Democracy and Civil Society (IDZ)

An initiative challenging far-right extremism and hate speech by sharing fact sheets on social media.

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The Institute for Democracy and Civil Society (IDZ) in Jena is a research institute focused on far right extremism and hate crime. Their research intends to support democracy promotion programmes and to raise awareness about the negative consequences of discrimination and hate, especially in rural regions of eastern Germany where far-right parties enjoy significant support and are funded by several regional and federal government ministries. 

In the past, they have disseminated different fact sheets about current trends among far-right groups, including the counter-jihad movement and the Alt-Right and Identitarian concept of the “great exchange,” also known as the “Great Replacement”. IDZ’s campaigns and fact sheets about far right extremism were designed to inform its audience about current trends within far-right extremism and in effect to empower people to take a stand against it. IDZ is also active on Facebook and Twitterwhere you can learn more about their work.

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