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An informative website dedicated to building resilience to fake news and hate through political literacy.

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Flackcheck.org is based out of the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania and is the sister site to the award-winning FactCheck.org. Flackcheck.org works to promote political literacy and build a resilient society by challenging fake news and disinformation. The website hosts a number of resources and media that aim to provide the public with the tools to recognise fake news and especially disinformation in political ads. 

Flackcheck.org is divided into three categories: politics, health and science. FlackCheck.org’s political section aims to teach the general public, and especially youth who have yet to form solid political stances and party affiliation, how to recognise and reject patterns of deception. This is done by organising disinformation into six categories and providing detailed information on how to recognise each. The site uses relevant contemporary examples, such as political commentary and debate on climate change, immigration and gun control. FlackCheck.org also contains a helpful ‘Incivility Log’, which records cases of political incivility, such as the use of demeaning or dismissive language or the extreme characterisation of a person or group. The website hosts a number of videos. Flackcheck also has a dedicated YouTube channel with over 100 videos.

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