Share Some Good

A video campaign sharing stories of inclusion and respect to challenge hate and polarisation.

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The #sharesomegood campaign took place in 2017, to encourage young Australian YouTube creators to produce content that challenges and responds to hate speech, extremism, and intolerance. The top 15 films created for this campaign were shown live at a premier night in Sydney and can be found on the YouTube Creators for Change YouTube channel. The campaign’s website – – hosts important tips and information for would be creators. There is an FAQ section and links to the YouTube Creator Academy, in addition to a whole page aimed at answering the question ‘what is hate speech?’ The website suggests that creators ‘put yourself in the hater’s shoes’, using emotions and engagement with current events to help them produce meaningful and authentic messages. At the same time, encourages filmmakers to produced well-made and personal videos, rather than something they think will go viral. 

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