My Jihad

“Taking Back Islam from Muslim and Anti-Muslim Extremists Alike”

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My Jihad is a campaign that aims to reclaim the word “jihad” from extremists by fostering a more moderate and nuanced understanding through user engagement and educational resources. Overall, the campaign seeks to counter misinformation campaigns from Islamist and anti-Muslim extremists alike.

My Jihad is largely user-generated; it fosters a virtual community and offers Muslims an online platform to share their own stories and highlight their own personal Jihad. Users can share their story and join the campaign by posting on social media with the hashtag #myjihad. The campaign also offers a variety of resources from prominent religious sources where people can read more about jihad and Islam. My Jihad has also partnered with other movements for topical campaigns and inspire their followers to get involved in new ways. One example is a partnership with Project Sakinah during March 2015 that worked to raise awareness about domestic abuse and healthy families.

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