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Raising awareness and protecting against online harms by helping to create an informed community of support.

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Hateaid is a platform for victims of online hate that seeks to support, educate and enable. Launched by Fearless Democracy in 2017, Hateaid includes a guide for protecting yourself from online harms and information on what to do in the event of becoming a victim of an online hate campaign. The campaign Hateaid challenges online extremism by educating the general public on the dangers of online hate and methods to safeguard themselves, in addition to providing victims with the tools to react and obtain support. This works to create a resilient and informed online community who will actively challenge the forces of division and hate.

Fearless Democracy is an NGO committed to championing inclusive democracy by using its knowledge and experience with digital media, marketing and content-production to support civic society and challenge online hate speech and disinformation. In the wake of increasing levels of populism, polarisation and extremism, Fearless Democracy works to enhance citizens’ critical thinking skills to help decrease emotional and hateful responses to politics and especially disinformation.

Key Takeaways:
  • Audience: Hateaid speaks directly to the victims of hate speech online. Victims are an important audience that are often overlooked. While it is important to speak to perpetrators, the vulnerable and those who are capable of taking action to address a challenge directly, campaigns are also a good vehicle for supporting victims.
  • Content: As part of its offering for its audience, Hateaid provides tangible resources and support. As counter-narratives primarily focus on challenging and furthering specific ideas, the content of many campaigns is often intangible, designed to make a person think or consider different options. This content is important, but campaigns are impactful when ideas can be converted into behaviour, a step that often requires more guidance. Including resources, guides, or links to services that do can help direct an audience to take those ideas and turn them into productive actions.

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