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Learn more about creating an effective budget for your campaign.

Most successful campaigns need resources, but there are plenty of examples of successful campaigns run on small budgets, as well as failed campaigns with huge budgets. The most important thing is to ensure that funding is appropriately spread across the budget to account for your own time, the production of content and the delivery or advertising of the content.

Be sure to keep accurate records of where you are spending your campaign budget, and justify why each cost is necessary and important. This will help you to manage your budget across multiple costs.

For example, if you spend most of your money on content production, do you then have enough to effectively promote it? If you are a professional organisation, be sure not to spend all your money on content and delivery, ensuring you leave enough to pay for the time of yourself and your colleagues. Does the budget extend to after the campaign concludes to ensure you have enough to analyse whether your campaign was successful?

Even a simple table, like the one below, can help you allocate budgets and start to map out how best to avoid spending too much on one thing, or spending too much early on in the campaign process. The more details you can add in to how you are allocating spending, the better the chances that you will not overspend during your campaign.


Budget Breakdown Template

Asset Planning Creating Delivering Evaluating Total Spending
Staff £1500 £1000 £1000 £500 £4000
Research £500 £500 0 0 £1000
Equipment 0 £1500 0 0 £1500
Tools 0 £1000 0 0 £1000
Materials £250 £500 £250 0 £1000
Tools 0 £500 £250 0 £750
Total £1750 £4000 £1500 £500 £9250


Asset Planning Creating Delivering Evaluating Total Spending


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